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Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF)

All filing windows have closed at this time. BEAR/SPI Reimbursement are being accepted through 8/29/2023 for Windows 1 and 2. They are now being accepted through 6/30/2024 (extended from 2/29/2024) for Window 3.

Device Use Location (Off Campus Requirement):

  • Devices purchased through the Emergency Connectivity Program must be sent home with students. Please refer to the following information regarding this requirement:
  • USAC ECF March Newsletter
    “Equipment and services purchased for use solely at a school or library are ineligible for ECF support. While we recognize that many schools have returned to in-person learning and students may use the devices while at school, we remind ECF participants that the purpose of the program is to provide support for students, school staff, and library patrons to engage in remote learning at locations other than at a school or library.”
  • 2022 Compliance Supplement: Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget
    (Full 1,968 pages)
  • ECF Related Pages from 2022 Compliance Supplement: Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget
    “ECF Program-funded devices and services must be used primarily for off-campus educational purposes and by students, school staff, and library patrons with otherwise unmet needs.”
    “Schools and libraries are prohibited from seeking and receiving reimbursement for eligible equipment and services purchased for use solely at the school or library.”

Service Delivery and Invoice Deadlines:

  • The FCC has extended the Service Delivery Date to 6/30/23 and Invoice Delivery Date to 8/29/23. You now have more time to utilize a full 12 months of recurring service (connectivity, hotspots, etc). NOTE: The limit is still up to 12 months of service, you just get more time utilize up to the full twelve. You or your service provider now also have an extra year to file invoices for reimbursement. For more information, click here.

General Things to Know:

  • This program is not a grant. The quantity and goods/services on your application should be what you order unless proper Post Commitment Requests are filed ahead of time.
  • You cannot increase your ordered quantity above your submitted application.
  • In order to submit a BEAR/SPI Request for Reimbursement, your orders must be placed and arrived on your campus. Please review the checklists below before filing for reimbursement.
    ECF FCC Form 472 (BEAR) Checklist
    ECF FCC Form 474 (SPI) Checklist
  • Documentation rules apply. Inventory tracking and assignment must be maintained for three years and all related documentation retained for 10 years.
    • Form 471s
    • FCDLs
    • Quotes
    • Purchase Orders
    • Packing slips
    • Inventory tracking sheets
    • Post Commitment Requests (if applicable)
    • Proof of payment to service provider and proof of deposit from US Treasury
    • EVERYTHING related!
  • If you have chosen to not utilize your entire approved funding amount, you must file a Post Commitment Request to return the unused portion.


Equipment Contract/Sign Out Examples:

Please reach out to your NC DPI E-rate team if you have any questions about your ECF applications or making any changes to them. PLEASE NOTE: ECF is not part of E-rate, it is a separate fund managed by the FCC and is administered by USAC’s Managed Services group.  There is a different call center dedicated to this program. ECF Customer Support Center (CSC) 1-800-234-9781 (Mon – Fri, 8:00am – 8:00pm).