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ECF (Archived)

NOTE: The information on this page is considered outdated as of February 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: ECF is not part of E-rate, it is a separate fund managed by the FCC and is administered by USAC’s Managed Services group.  There is a different call center dedicated to this program.  As E-rate Coordinators, we have limited knowledge of the program but are providing as many resources as possible to assist you in filing for these funds should you choose to do so. Please review these resources and attend USAC trainings to prepare for the opening of the filing window on June 29.

Please visit USAC’s ECF website (link below) and register for their newsletter to keep up news/training, etc.  

Filing Window: June 29  – August 13, 2021
ECF Customer Support Center (CSC) 1-800-234-9781 (Mon – Fri, 8:00am – 8:00pm)

***NEW*** June 28, 2021:

(Both Vendor documents courtesy of Julie Tritt Schell, PA E-rate Coordinator and Debra M. Kriete, SD E-rate Coordinator)