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SVF Instructions Here!

Topics In This Newsletter:

  1. State Valid File (SVF) Release
  2. Category 2 Budget Adjustments
  3. ECF Audits
  4. EPC Account Admin Verification
  5. New BEAR System Rollout
  6. E-rate Cat2 Survey Reminder
  7. Invoicing Deadline – January 28, 2023 for FY20 and FY21

State Valid File (SVF) Release and Directions for Updating Student Count/NSLP Numbers

Each PSU’s E-rate contact person will be receiving their PSU’s profile data to be updated in EPC.  These updates are REQUIRED. You must update all profiles with current data as required by the FCC. (Please note some data was pulled from NSLP, EDS or CEP based on what was available from NCDPI.) You must update each individual child entity’s numbers in the portal.  Do not use any other data. Profiles must be updated before the Administrative Window closes in early January. Please try to do these updates before you leave for the holiday break. If you need assistance, please reach out.

Please update profiles using data found in these cells in the SVF:

Column K – Student CountRow 11 – Student Count 
Column N – NSLPRow 14 – NSLP
Column L – CEP Base Year for CEP Schools only (Be sure to also mark the bubble for CEP School)Row 12 – CEP Base Year for CEP Schools only (Be sure to also mark the bubble for CEP School)
Column Q – NCES State CodeRow 17 – NCES State Code
Column R – NCES District CodeRow 18 – NCES District Code
Column S – NCES School CodeRow 19 – NCES School Code

Click Here for slides on updating your entity profile
(Districts will update parent and child entities. Charters only have a single “parent” entity.)

Category 2 Budget Adjustments

As you are updating each child entity’s student count, if the new number is higher than the previously entered number, you may enter that in the C2 budget number at the bottom of that screen.

If your student count OVERALL has INCREASED from the previous student count shown in EPC, you may request a budget adjustment during the administrative window.  This will give you $167 more per student in your category 2 budget. (Please do not make changes if your student count is lower.)

To request a budget adjustment (after all child entity numbers are updated):


Then choose REQUEST REPLACEMENT CATEGORY 2 BUDGET (review your information)>

Then click REQUEST REPLACEMENT BUDGET (blue button)

ECF Audits

ECF audits have begun from multiple levels, including onsite audits. If you receive communications regarding an ECF audit, please contact your state coordinator.

Account Administrators

Account Administrators should have received a communication on December 5th regarding entity and user updates. This is a requirement and must be completed during the administrative window. Please ensure your account administrator is a current school employee, up to date, and accessible. These checks and changes are in preparation for the upcoming BEAR changes detailed below. If you have any questions or do not know if you are the account administrator, please contact your coordinator.

BEAR System Changes

Do you file BEARS? The anticipated changes coming to the BEAR system have been postponed until after January 29, 2023. They were originally planned for this month. Please stay tuned for more information as this major change moves forward.

Category 2 Survey Reminder

If you have not already done so, please complete the Category 2 Survey ASAP. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Click Here for the survey link. A PDF of the questions is here for your review as well.

Invoicing Deadline Approaching!

Please note if you have an upcoming non-recurring (Category 2) deadline of January 28, 2023, don’t wait until the last minute to get your invoicing completed!